Parents Association

Aims Of Parents’ Association

Our Parents’ Association aims to enable parents to play their part in supporting Athy Model School. As a Parents’ Association, we promote and encourage the provision of practical and financial assistance to support the educational, recreational, social and other activities of our school.

We endeavour to support activities which enhance the school experience of each and every pupil. We achieve our objectives through a number of practical and social events.

2015-2016 School Year

Our Parents’ Association Committee consists of 8 members, elected annually, and we are affiliated to the National Parents’ Council (Primary).


AGM Minutes

Date: Monday 12thOctober 2015                                       

Venue: Assembly Hall, Athy Model School

Start time: 7.45pm

Close Time: 9.00pm


Committee Members Present:  Chris Bradshaw, Chairperson, Dolores Delaney, Secretary, Laura Perry, Treasurer, Jane Burns, Karl Colton, Adele Rowan, Noelle Lazenby.

Welcome and Introduction by Chairperson: Chris welcomed and thanked all parents for their attendance to this meeting.  He introduced Dolores Delaney PA secretary to make a speech.

Dolores Delaney  informed the parents of some of the upcoming events which include: Christmas School Trips for both junior and senior classes, she also went through some of the work the PA are involved in behind the scenes throughout the year and also this year’s school calendar, which will go on sale in November.

Receive and Approve the Financial Report: Laura went through the financial report for the year ended 2014.  Copy of financial report was given to each of the PA and Parent Body.

Minutes of AGM 2014: This leaflet was given to PA and the Parent Body.

End of Term and Election of new committee members: Adele Rowan and Jane Burns’ term have come to a close.  Yvonne thanked both for their commitment and hard work over the last few years. Chris Bradshaw will stay on as Chairperson, Laura Perry will stay on as Treasurer and Dolores Delaney will stay on as Secretary. We welcome four new members who were nominated and accepted onto the committee: Marie Kenny, Ashley Cole, Sarah Cullen and Tara Stacey.

AOB: no questions were raised.

Address by School Principal: Yvonne thanked all of the parents for coming to the meeting and for being involved in the schooling of their children.

Yvonne thanked the Parents Association for all of their help and support throughout the last year which included the School Calendar, School Trips and Table Quiz.

Table Quiz: Yvonne mentioned that with thanks to members, parents and the community, we were able to purchase the new friendship benches for the school yard.

School Trips: Yvonne thanked the Board of Management for help subsidising the school buses for trips, this wouldn’t be achievable without the parents’ voluntary contribution.

New School Laptops: Yvonne also thanked the BoM for their help in purchasing these, and reiterated that these couldn’t be purchased without the voluntary contribution and fundraising events. The children will benefit greatly from having these.

School Calendar 2016: Yvonne thanked the PA for all their help in getting everything organised for this, both the children and PA enjoyed this day immensely.

Introduce Speaker of the Night: Yvonne introduced Declan Keogh of the Road Safety Authority. He was our guest speaker of the night; he was very informative and took lots of suggestions from the PA and Parent Body present. He will be in contact again with Yvonne for further information days.